Common Questions

Common Questions about Car Radio Repair, Car Stereo Repair and automobile Audio Systems:

Q:  What is happening when I hear crackling, popping, and squealing?
There is a problem with your amplifier.  Amplifier can be removed separately from the radio for repair.  See for details and quotes, or contact us here.
Q:  My CD player spits the CDs out every time I put one in.  Is there a cleaner I can buy?
No, a cleaner won't help.  There is a problem with the electronic circuitry.  You will need to take the CD Player/Radio to a radio repair center.  See for details.  We are are one such place that can help you.
Q:  My car is under warranty.  My radio is broken, what do I do to fix it?
Take it to a dealership.  Independent radio repair centers like Radioman often do not do warranty repairs.  A dealership is the best place for you to take your vehicle for any repairs while it is under warranty.  You may find another repair shop who takes warranty work, but they usually install new equipment and then ship the broken equipment to the manufacturer, like the dealership does.
Q:  What causes cracks on pins or cracks in the soldering?
This is a common internal problem in radios.  The solder is not cooled at the correct temperature and small cracks form.  These cracks eventually deteriorate, requiring a trained technician to clean out faulty soldering and replace.
Q:  I have a high end automobile, but I live in a town without a dealership or authorized repair center.  Who can help me?  How?
Various radio repair businesses, like Radioman, do nationwide repairs.  They will ease your inconvenience caused by driving many miles to a facility.  You can remove the radio (click here for removal instructions) or have a dealership remove it, then ship it to Radioman for repairs, and we will ship it back to you.  Contact Radioman by phone or email for assistance.  Click here for shipping instructions: Instructions on shipping radios to Radioman for repair   

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